Poll: SAP World Yahoogroups - Did you benefit from it

I started SAP World Yahoogroups on Sept 18, 2002 as a fun group for SAP Jobs. I did not contemplate that the SAP World Yahoogroup would cross a membership of 4700 people and active job postings.

The background of starting a job related yahoogroups was one of my friend was made redundant. He was working on some other ERP application. I thought if he had been associated with network of people, probably he would have got a job in a couple of days. So it motivated me to start a yahoogroups and promote it.

I have been moderating the group so that job postings are only related to SAP. This is will ensure quality of postings made and serious head hunters and job seekers view the messages and get benefited.

I request all the SAP Recruiters to participate in survey as it this will help to know the effectiveness of SAP World Yahoogroups.


The usage of internet had been so prevalent that everything happens without face to face meeting. This requires both SAP Recruiters and SAP Consultants to be prominently known on the internet.

Imagine, a SAP Recruiter calls and asks, "Do you know some who know SAP CRM ?" And you wonder....hmmm... hmmm .... I do not remember ? Job sites and Social Networking sites are paid websites and thus it limits the reach of SAP Recruiters to head hunt. Similarly some of the SAP Consultants and Contractors would not like to post their full details on Social Networking Sites.

Ideally everyone one wants to minimise the cost of recruitment and at the same time reach vast pool of consultants - free of cost. I found one website that is very promising and you do not write need to write more about yourselves. Create your profile on www.spock.com. Add tags "SAP Recruiter", "Country" if you are a headhunter, "SAP CRM Consultant", "SAP FICO Consultant", "Country" - if you a SAP Consultant - Domain Specialist.

See Profile of Cezar Maroti - SAP Recruiter

Use Spock Search to find SAP Consultants and filter it based on country. You will find people free of cost. This will be hybrid of Yahoogroups and Linkedin - search free of costs.

  1. SAP Recruiters can easily find SAP Consultants on Spock
  2. SAP Consultants / Contractors will be prominent in Marketplace
  3. Use Tags effectively to be prominently known.
  4. Personal Details very little
  5. Reference your work from various websites.
Participate in Spock revolution to find SAP Consultants. Make money thru' Networking. Please leave your Spock Profile in the comment for others to connect you.


Santosh Puthran

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