Poll: SAP World Yahoogroups - Did you benefit from it

I started SAP World Yahoogroups on Sept 18, 2002 as a fun group for SAP Jobs. I did not contemplate that the SAP World Yahoogroup would cross a membership of 4700 people and active job postings.

The background of starting a job related yahoogroups was one of my friend was made redundant. He was working on some other ERP application. I thought if he had been associated with network of people, probably he would have got a job in a couple of days. So it motivated me to start a yahoogroups and promote it.

I have been moderating the group so that job postings are only related to SAP. This is will ensure quality of postings made and serious head hunters and job seekers view the messages and get benefited.

I request all the SAP Recruiters to participate in survey as it this will help to know the effectiveness of SAP World Yahoogroups.


The usage of internet had been so prevalent that everything happens without face to face meeting. This requires both SAP Recruiters and SAP Consultants to be prominently known on the internet.

Imagine, a SAP Recruiter calls and asks, "Do you know some who know SAP CRM ?" And you wonder....hmmm... hmmm .... I do not remember ? Job sites and Social Networking sites are paid websites and thus it limits the reach of SAP Recruiters to head hunt. Similarly some of the SAP Consultants and Contractors would not like to post their full details on Social Networking Sites.

Ideally everyone one wants to minimise the cost of recruitment and at the same time reach vast pool of consultants - free of cost. I found one website that is very promising and you do not write need to write more about yourselves. Create your profile on www.spock.com. Add tags "SAP Recruiter", "Country" if you are a headhunter, "SAP CRM Consultant", "SAP FICO Consultant", "Country" - if you a SAP Consultant - Domain Specialist.

See Profile of Cezar Maroti - SAP Recruiter

Use Spock Search to find SAP Consultants and filter it based on country. You will find people free of cost. This will be hybrid of Yahoogroups and Linkedin - search free of costs.

  1. SAP Recruiters can easily find SAP Consultants on Spock
  2. SAP Consultants / Contractors will be prominent in Marketplace
  3. Use Tags effectively to be prominently known.
  4. Personal Details very little
  5. Reference your work from various websites.
Participate in Spock revolution to find SAP Consultants. Make money thru' Networking. Please leave your Spock Profile in the comment for others to connect you.


Santosh Puthran

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Canary Wharf - What a place

Couple of weeks, I visited Canary Wharf which is considered to be the new thriving space in London. It is a vibrant business district with a wide range of shops, restaurants, pubs and wine bars, as well as healthcare and leisure facilities and an extensive arts and events programme.

Leading international companies enjoy the highest quality buildings, facilities and infrastructure within London's newest business district.

Sharing some of the photographs (Enjoy the music when you play)

Click Webshots for view more

I posted some of the photos on Canon Photography Forum and response was

Nice work. Did any police officers or security guards approach you? I find I was being stopped about once every 20 minutes. Had to keep producing ID for some strange reason.
I enjoyed my time in photography without any hassles. Do make it a point to visit Canary Wharf, if you are in London.

Share your hobbies by replying to this post and any interesting experiences in pursuing your hobby.

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Santosh Puthran

Career in Blogging and Networking

I have been reading the book "Cultivating a cool career - 52 brilliant ideas for reaching the Top" by Ken Langdon. It is very well written book with 52 brilliant ideas on how to progress in your career.

Are some of Ken Langdon's ideas relevant in blogging and social networking? Lets find out ...

Idea 1: Face it, you are you and they are them

Take a positive, practical and sceptical attitude to your professional network. Don't expect everyone in the network to notice you unless you start demonstrating that you have something better to offer them. Focus your blog on a niche area.

Idea 3: Make good suggestions loudly

At any point in the chaos, an opportunity can arise for you to make a sensible suggestion. You should actively seek them out and grab such opportunities. Read newspapers or internet articles that affect your profession. Send a reply with a copy on your blog.

Idea 12: Please Sir, can I have some more

To look for avenues to generate income is one of the key factors that motivate blogging and social networking. The more you start focussing on it, I bet, you will have a lot to learn from it. Look for the ways to monetise your blog and widen your social network. Warning: It is infectious !!!

Idea 13: Go on, give them a shock

Your network may consist of people who are working in different levels in organisations. As part of your campaign to gain high exposure, take any opportunity you can to introduce new information. If you surprise your network with new things, your blog will gain a dedicated readership.

Idea 14: Send an inside salesperson

Your blog is a selling document and the product it is selling is YOU.

Idea 26: What goes around comes around

Most people start networking when they are unhappy with their career. Too late! Put your network consisting of contacts to work at all times. You never know when someone you used to know comes around again.

in city centre

Idea 40: Be a dedicated follower of fashion

There is a delicate balance. So look around! What is the current trend relevant to your network?Start blogging on the topics of interest and current events.

Idea 46: Of course it's risky

You may wonder, if I start a blog whether I will have a time to continue writing. Or whether I will have sufficient readers to my blog. Element of risk....but if something is not risky... where is the challenge and fun ?!!

The End ..... Or is it a new beginning ?

The book has 52 brilliant ideas to boost your career. I recommend you to read it and please do share your views with me.

Customer Satisfaction

Ducks and Eagle No one can make you serve customers well. That's because great service is a choice.

Years ago, Harvey Mackay, told a wonderful story about a cab driver that proved this point. He was waiting in line for a ride at the airport. When a cab pulled up, the first thing Harvey noticed was that the taxi was polished to a bright shine. Smartly dressed in a white shirt, black tie, and freshly pressed black slacks, the cab driver jumped out and rounded the car to open the back passenger door for Harvey. He handed him a laminated card and said:

"I'm Wally, your driver. While I'm loading your bags in the trunk I'd like you to read my mission statement."

Taken aback, Harvey read the card. It said:

Wally's Mission Statement:

To get my customers to their destination in the quickest, safest and cheapest way possible in a friendly environment. This blew Harvey away. Especially when he noticed that the inside of the cab matched the outside. Spotlessly clean! As he slid behind the wheel, Wally said, "Would you like a cup of coffee? I have a thermos of regular and one of decaf."

Harvey said jokingly, "No, I'd prefer a soft drink."

Wally smiled and said, "No problem. I have a cooler up front with regular and Diet Coke, water and orange juice."

Almost stuttering, Harvey said, "I'll take a Diet Coke."

Handing him his drink, Wally said, "If you'd like something to read, I have The Wall Street Journal, Time, Sports Illustrated and USA Today."

As they were pulling away, Wally handed him another laminated card. "These are the stations I get and the music they play, if you'd like to listen to the radio."

And as if that weren't enough, Wally told Harvey that he had the air conditioning on and asked if the temperature was comfortable for him. Then he advised Harvey of the best route to his destination for that time of day. He also let him know that he'd be happy to chat and tell him about some of the sights or, if Harvey preferred, to leave him with his own thoughts.

"Tell me, Wally," Harvey asked the driver, "have you always served customers like this?"

Wally smiled into the rear view mirror. "No, not always. In fact, it's only been in the last two years. My first five years driving, I spent most of my time complaining like all the rest of the cabbies do.

Then I heard the personal growth guru, Wayne Dyer, on the radio one day. He had just written a book called You’ll See It When You Believe It. Dyer said that if you get up in the morning expecting to have a bad day, you'll rarely disappoint yourself.

36996 Hunting Lodge Ornaments

He said, `Stop complaining! Differentiate yourself from your competition. Don't be a duck. Be an eagle. Ducks quack and complain. An Eagle soars above the crowd.'"

"That hit me right between the eyes," said Wally. "Dyer was really talking about me. I was always quacking and complaining, so I decided to change my attitude and become an eagle.
I looked around at the other cabs and their drivers. The cabs were dirty, the drivers were unfriendly, and the customers were unhappy.
So I decided to make some changes. I put in a few at a time. When my customers responded well, I did more."

"I take it that has paid off for you," Harvey said.

"It sure has," Wally replied. "My first year as an eagle, I doubled my income from the previous year. This year I'll probably quadruple it.. You were lucky to get me today. I don't sit at cabstands anymore. My customers call me for appointments on my cell phone or leave a message on my answering machine. If I can't pick them up myself, I get a reliable cabbie friend to do it and I take a piece of the action."

Wally was phenomenal. He was running a limo service out of a Yellow Cab. Harvey probably told that story to more than fifty cab drivers over the years, and only two took the idea and ran with it.
Whenever Harvey went to their cities, he would give them a call. The rest of the drivers quacked like ducks and told him all the reasons they couldn't do any of what he was suggesting.

Wally the Cab Driver made a different choice. He decided to stop quacking like ducks and start soaring like an eagle. What is your choice?