Knock Knock - Opportunity !!!

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Oppurtunity!! Can't be. Why Not? Bcoz Opportunity knocks only once.

I had a good laugh when I watched this video.

The lady tells, "If you type google into the google, you can break the internet."

Type google into google and you will notice the results on the right hand corner 1800 million hits. This indicates that the word google is on 1800 million websites.

Now try search your name on google. E.g "Santosh Puthran" and check whether you are visible on any websites. If there too many people with your name, the try "Your Name " Cost Accountant. Check the results and determine whether the results help you professionally.

So if you do not find yourself on google search, then it is time to be active on the web to promote yourself professionally:
  1. Create your profile on and connect with your colleagues and ex-colleagues who will help you to recommended.
  2. Participate in discussions of your accounting body both virtually (yahoogroups or discussion board) and physically in seminars / meetings. This will help to promote your presence.
  3. Social Networking sites like , and are very good. Find good topics for discussions and share it in the professional community.
  4. Start Blogging on what you specialise. Blogger and Wordpress are one of the best sites. Or if you are a practising firm, please maintain an up-to-date website.
The best things in the world are free on the internet. So why not use them to promote professionally.


Santosh Puthran

iGoogle - Your Friend, Philosopher and Guide

The first question I ask myself - how do I remain updated without the need to go to several websites. And at the same time, I take notes when I browse for future reference.

The answer was to configure iGoogle. Go to and click on iGoogle on the right left hand corner of the screen.

Click on Add Stuff and start adding various google gadgets. The gadgets that I have is google reader that helps me remain updated about RSS feeds from the news sites like financial times, economic times, ft, blogs, finance websites, jobs and others. It is very easy to configure and it saves lot of time from visiting other websites. I hoped ICWAI website should have RSS feeds. MA blog has RSS feeds and you can subscribe to it and always remain updated about latest happenings.

You must have noticed that I have put my google reader on MA blog for the benefit of all. Also on my fun blog. You may subscribe to those as well.

I have added google weather and can add more than cities. This helps me know whether my friends are in good conditions or not. My mail box appears on igoogle page. There are some default websites that igoogle offers.

There are lot of gadgets you can on igoogle and configure them in Tabs. I have installed Google Notebook on my Firefox browser. This helps you note down important notes when you are browsing and you want to refer back. Earlier I used to scribble on my Postit notes or on a piece of paper and eventually lost it. But now I copy it on my Google Note. I can access anywhere my notebook when I am on the internet.

The important aspect, I forgot to share with you is.... Use Firefox browser. Dump Internet Explorer... it is slow and pathetic. Last week I had been to my friend's place and he was using AOL browser. He felt that his browser was very slow and may be due to his PC. He had downloaded Firefox on his PC but did not use it. I demonstrated it Firefox and it was quick as ever. He was happy that he did not have any problem in PC.

iGoogle is a very good tool to remain updated... each day...everyday. The google gadgets help you plan your day and also helps you to remain in touch with friends and collegues. Try google products and see whether they change the way do things. I have adapted to google products and find it very good.

Try iGoogle and you will feel the difference. If you have questions, please comment. I will reply to you.


Santosh Puthran

Networking and how to use Social Networking sites

I have been stumbling upon good sites for the benefit of the readers of Management Accountant Blog. I happened to meet Mr. Murthy from Rajahmundry, AP. I liked the websites he had stumbledupon and submitted reviews on a couple of posts and so I spoke to him.

To my surprise, he volunteered to help me and provide me with a couple of tips for my blog. We chatted on messenger for more than 2 hours and his tips were very helpful. I hope this helps you too.
  1. Layout of the Blog should be simple. Fonts matter!!! Accountants like reading small fonts (may be because we are interested in details and numbers.)
  2. Create and promote your profile on , and The profiles will help you network with right people and build up your network. Professional networking sites like linkedin help you immensely.
  3. Search Optimisation Tips: Use search optimization to drive internet traffic to your website. Read more
His advice was very helpful and you must have noticed the change on my blog. Currently I am working my profile on and sending invites to people who are in my address book.

Spock is a very powerful internet tool. Even if you have not created your profile on spock, it will recognise you from bio pages, social networks, news sites, blogs or directories. Take for e.g. Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or Manmohan Singh.

Spock lets you determine where people can find you on the internet. When you sign up for Spock you can claim your search results and shape what information people see. Plus, when there is new information about you on the internet, Spock sends you an alert so you are always up to date. Signing up is free and easy - just click here.

How do I claim a search result?

To claim a search result on Spock, click "Claim Your Search Result" on the page. When you have successfully claimed your search result on Spock, it will be merged with your current search result, and will be tied to your Spock account.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my profile on Spock and I claimed it.

As a professional, how should I use professional networking tools?
  1. Linkedin and Spock will help you build up your professional network. Companies are reluctant to spend on advertising for any vacancies or professional work. Virtual networking will help you to progress in your career by connecting to the right people. Spock will help you link all your profiles and websites together. This will help people know you and your work.
  2. Plaxo : is a contact address management tool which is integrated with Outlook and Linkedin. You update your info, your friends update theirs, and everyone stays in touch! You should sync your mobile phone with Outlook to have your contacts handy. You never know when opportunities strike.
  3. StumbleUpon: Use stumbleupon to review good sites on the internet. You will always find people to subscribe to your feeds on stumbleupon if you are stumbling on good sites. Search your name on and see the results. This will give an indication whether you are known on the internet. Then check whether you are linked to the professional network.
  4. Google Reader: I have found very useful to keep myself updated when I subscribe to feeds of good websites. You will always notice the word "RSS" or "Atom" on a website. Click it and subscribe to the updates from the website.
  5. Blog: I would always recommend you have your own blog to share professional updates or participate by commenting on websites or blogs. This will help people in your profession to know about you. The accountants who are in practise should always have their website and should blog or comment on important updates in business or taxation. This will help them to be known in business circles in the industry.

Santosh Puthran